Intential Clipping in Ableton?

Hello! Just for some background information, I am trying to create a hardstyle kick. I was wondering if there was a way to make my kick drum track clip to achieve the sound, without clipping the master.

I think Headhunterz does this in this video to start off with Logic.

Making a new kick - YouTube

Any ideas?


Why would it have to clip? Usually these hardstyle/hardcore kicks are heavily compressed and distorted on the low end

I would not recomend clipping to be honest

Check out the Hardstyle Kick tut’s on YT man… theres loads :slight_smile:

If you are using ableton, I’d say the saturator with all the wave shaping options is gonna be your best bet. Its not really a bitcrusher sound normally, I think.

There might be a bit of layering with HS kicks… so you might benefit from having a fkd up distorted version over a cleaner, bassier one.

I’ve got sonic charges Microtonic & there are some hardstyle kicks in there - which are all heavily distorted. The type of distortion in there is saturation - so I’d say running something through that (a saturator in Live, or a Distortion plug) is a good place to begin. The Microtonic kicks arent layered - they’re totally affected by the distortion - so I suppose it depends on what sound ya want.

I’ve seen people use Ohmforce Ohmicide to do the HS Kicks, which is a multiband distortion plug. The saturator in live can do something similar, letting you just affect the particular freqs you want, with distortion- so get experimenting, as you wouldnt have to possibly layer. A nice bit of compression after would make it huge.

Check out YT - You’ll be able to get all you need there. Its well covered :cool:

Thank you all for the help :slight_smile: