Interesting research piece

Um, I know you all like to keep up to date with the latest in scientific research and that is why I thought you might like this:

Interesting article. 

 Never taken it before. What does it do???   :D:hehe:

Fck I knew I should have given up on the glue and not the E’s

A step in the right direction for sure. Let’s hope we drugs are classified on scientific evidence and not social perception.

It’s about harm reduction not prohibition.

I can’t wait to be able to buy these at tesco one day :hehe:

Its the other sh!t thats in 'em thats bad.

Bad mix, especially when theres a lightweight in Town :wink:

Its pretty full on though - cant be good… There might be no damage per-se to the brain etc… but the wires inbetween the major components / aul solder on the circuit board must get frazzled in the process.