"Internal sequencer mode"?


So, I had a comment on another forum about my latest track “EverLight” that’s left me a little confused. Here it is:


This is far too trancey for me to enjoy, so please bear that in mind while reading my review.

I think it’s over compressed. You’re not outright winning the loudness war, but you’re not on the losing side. There’s a distinct lack of dynamic variation throughout.

You have made the textbook error of writing a bassline, but then setting your bass synth to internal sequencer mode instead of MIDI mode. This has resulted in a rhythmic bassline that only plays one note. Don’t feel too bad, some people make the same mistake but forget to write a bassline at all.


What’s confused me is the second para about “internal sequencer mode instead of MIDI mode”. I’m not sure what he’s talking about. Is he thinking I used a hardware synth?

The bassline was made in Sylenth and it’s a simple two octave running E - as Roben pointed out, from the Mark Knight tutorial.

Can someone explain what he meant? Thanks.

I’d delete that Man - or ignore it.

What a load of nonsense. Utter tripe. Forget about it.

If you read what he is saying - Utter BS. If he actually knew what he was talking about, he’d refer to specifics, whereas he’s being really vague, with his broad sweeping opinions.

Hes a headwrecker. Rubbish.

Wow, speak your mind :wink:

Lol. Thanks. I thought it was odd.

LOL :hehe:

But y’know what I mean Jon - You leave yourself open to opinon (even me now) and people run with it. I’d prefer a “Its Sh!t” - to some cryptic nonsense that you’d need a Psychologist to get to grips with.

Theres a lot of mad fkkers out there in Internet land.

Who was he? Was he a native english speaker?

[quote]jonsloan (16/11/2010)[hr]Wow, speak your mind :wink:

Lol. Thanks. I thought it was odd.[/quote]

Yeah, I know. Personally I think it’s one of the most psychologically courageous things to do to put your creative work (music, literature, art) out into the public domain. Inevitably someone will tear it apart. You need to develop a thick skin to be an artist.

Oh and he’s English. So who knows what he was on about.


If only his essay had a point. Maybe it would have changed your life forever! LOL

Its funny though. Why comment on something that you maybe dont like & not really give any good advice on what to do?

What was it he said - “You are not winning the loudness war - nor are you losing it either” - or whatever.

Sounds like he picked up last months copy of CM & typed some BS. :w00t: :slight_smile:

OH - and “Dont feel bad - Some people forget to write a bassline at all…”


What’s a baseline - and how much a 1/4 :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah stupid comment - made no sense whatsoever why people have to do that I will never know - I am totally open to critism but when it is complete nonsence as they are trying to big themselves up it just makes them look childish and imature

How much for a 1/4 note? :slight_smile:

i agree with him :w00t:


what a ****, the guys spent to much time on his dads disco stick.

Me too but i dont have a job so ill shut up hahahaha:D

the guys a total knob !!

[quote]egg2 (16/11/2010)[hr]Me too but i dont have a job so ill shut up hahahaha:D

the guys a total knob !![/quote]

shut up trying to make people feel sorry for you… how the hell do you get fired from being a rent boy

He got da plague Jon - Thats why :hehe:

nope… aids from jons mum !!!:smiley:

Hey I made those coments what’s your f in problem??


[quote]egg2 (16/11/2010)[hr]nope… aids from jons mum !!!:D[/quote]

Thats the kind of extra I wont be asking for next time :slight_smile:

[quote]Mussi81 (16/11/2010)[hr]Hey I made those coments what’s your f in problem?? :wink: [/quote]

His problem was that you were absolutely right.

We’ve been humouring him all day, pretending that you were a knob. He seems to have fallen for it :hehe:

Ah I’ve gone from king of the world to sh!t in one post. Cheers lads, excuse me while I go slash my wrists.


i do love this forum mwahahahahaha :smiley:

[quote]egg2 (16/11/2010)[hr]i do love this forum mwahahahahaha :D[/quote]

Just as well mate as you have alot of free time now

Oh I am so so so sorry -mate :slight_smile: