Interview - 7 Skies Interview / 253

This week we are joined by none other than David Boldini better known to the EDM world as ‘7 Skies’. David has created an impressive discography with releases on labels such as Anjunabeats, Armada, Enhanced and Steve Aoki’s Dim Mak.


His releases Caffeine, Sushi and more recently the massive Rubicon have rocked major festivals and dance floors across the globe. He is also an accomplished sound designer, having created packs for Nexus, Sylenth, Fxpansion and even factory presets for Steve Duda’s Serum.


Chris catches up with David from his studio in the wilds of Northern Italy to chat all things production.  


It's great to know you don't have to conform to the party lifestyle and still make it as a DJ - David seems like a down to earth guy that knows his 'stuff'!

This was awesome! Would love to see more Interviews! Sonic Academy has been a great tool! Thank you!

Thanks sonic 7skies ! Really u won't diclose much ? Sausage fattner on the master everyone already knows that..please don't bring him on again..he talks too much and says nothing.

Are you kidding? This is probably the best tutorial on Sonic Academy. He basically explains everything he does from shortcut keys to chords.

Think Moro is disagreeing with his interview not his awesome - cause that would be sooo wrong. One of the best tuts on the interwebs we think

Right, I just realised his comment was for the interview and not the tutorial.
Great work @chrisagnelli:disqus - keep it up!

Awesome! Thanks David, for giving all of us who are not trained musicians, Hope. A true teacher, who shares his passion.

I know I’m a year late but the comment “please don’t bring him on again…he talks too much and says nothing.” is so harsh. He is very open about his work on his youtube/SA videos. The best takeaway from what he says in the interview is to experiment and research yourself… Don’t just rely on some producer to tell you what to do. Find your own sound. Obviously proven techniques from the pros help, but you wouldn’t expect to pay 10 dollars a month and learn everything David Copperfield knows about magic. If you were a real producer, you’d understand his situation and take the actual insight from this interview without criticism.

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