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We sit down with one of the hottest Trance producers around today, Audien as he embarks upon his latest DJ tour of Ireland. If you're interested in finding out the secrets to how Nate creates some of his signature sounds, including those featured in his "Wayfarer" track, then you will not want to miss this!



this kid is so sick
love it

chris is the best thing thats happened to sonic his interviews are boss keep it up!!

Thanks Padraig.

yes great interview chris, as usual

No probs Chris keep them coming big man :)

he is indeed would love a tutorial with Audien teaching it lol

Hi guys !!! audien said something about cutting the high end of sylenth1, what frequencies should we cut ? 10.000hz ?

Got a couple questions, are you guys in the studio with him?
Is he showing the screen or just talking about what he does?

Just a chat.. It was in our studio so he didn't have project files etc with him

I just gonna go ahead and hate on him... Sorry!

But how do you don't know what a chord progression is and you're known of having big chords and melodies, something just smells really fishy about him. I'm not saying he doesn't know how to produce, but he does sound like he gets lots of help!

With all due respect, some of your interviews are great some others not so much, when you see Van Buuren in an interview you get something out of it, unfortunately music production today is turning into a retard proof process, this kid does not know what voicings are, can't not even refer to a chord progression. This Martin Garrix type of artist that adds tons of reverb on layered nexus or massive patches in that fruity loops thing is really not the type that can refer to something more academic or even informative material. Others my have enjoyed it, I found it to be a waste of time.

Sorry you fell that way rick, I for one got a lot from this interview. Perhaps he is an artist that isn't quite as well versed at expressing himself as others I.e. Armin. I am pretty sure you can't call the production on wayfarer basic and inept, it's a stunning single that resonated with a huge audience, and his newer productions are just as big. I know plenty of producers who produce great work but couldn't tell you what chords they used or what key the song is in, does that matter? I not so sure. Hopefully you will enjoy some of the other interviews we have recorded.

Got it, thank you for answering, but if wayfarer, being the harmonically plain and repetitive song it is, is considered a great production, then I guess I am just living in a different planet now. Sorry for bringing up the craft of musicianship into this.

Wayfarer is an excellent example of its genre. To my ears it has some quite beautiful chords, melodies and lush evocative sound design. If you don't like the genre I get you might not like the track but not recognising any of its qualities just sounds like infantile trolling to me.

Who cares if these guys know anything about music theory, it's not necessary for making great music. Just from all the successful artists we've talk too I can tell you for every 1 that knows all about music theory there are 10 that haven't a clue and don't care they just use their instincts.

I rest my case then, we now push buttons instead of keys, or let the software help us with a scale, God forbid we use an Am/G or even augment it. My initial point, however, is related to the interviews, some just don't cut it. I am a paying member here and while you have great tutorials and cool interviews, there are some that really.... I get it, may be hard to get, Pensado, Marroquin or Maserati... but I'm sure others are there, a Nikky Romero makes a big difference to us I bet. By the way, Vince Clarke is relaxing in his house in Maine. A bit of more meat and substance on these interviews will be helpful.

Unfortunately, I have to agree with a lot of the other voices on here. For someone making such huge sounding chords with perfect resolutions, clustered 9ths, beautiful 7th chords...

To not know harmony on any big level... I mean, how is that really possible?

"I don't like to use the same sounds every time..."

I disagree. One of things that makes his tracks so listenable is that there is a cohesive, almost repetitive nature to his usage of sounds.

I would love to sit down with this kid, run through one of his chord progressions and just ask a million questions.

Show me the MIDI, kid. Show me the MIDI.

I teach music for a living and have two degrees in music education. When I sit down with my students and say, "show me the MIDI," there's often none to be shown. Not that that's bad. If you're making big tracks, go for it! But calling it your own when you don't know the different between minor and major, let alone tonic and/or dominant... I get a little... sketched out. Must be the old-fogy musician in this mid-somethings musician.

He obviously knows production, but that's not enough to make chord progressions that gorgeous with such intriguing appogiaturas and suspension/resolutions... Or is it?

Big ups to Audien. Loved him since his remix of Jaytech's Multiverse.