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 In this exclusive ‘Sonic Academy Interview’, Chris is joined by one of the greatest stars of the dance music world - Ferry Corsten.


Having created dance music classics such as 'Out Of The Blue', 'Gouryella' and his remix of 'Barber's Adagio For Strings' he has released a massive catalogue of music over the past 15 years. Ferry has also constantly toured the worlds biggest clubs and headlined the worlds biggest festivals launching his 'FULL ON FERRY' live show concept to great acclaim back in 2008.


Here he chats with Chris about how he made those classic records, what we can expect in 2016 from him, and some insider studio tips from the master of the dance floor destroyer.

Great interview.

Thanks Nathan, he is such a gentleman!

Sonic Academy & Chris! Thanks for such a cool interview with Ferry! Im a HUGH fan of Ferry and his outstanding music since the beginning! I'm also a fan of your music as well Chris! Especially EL-Nino on Paul Oakenfold's Transport CD. That CD and your song El-Nino is what help start my journey into Trance music production out here in the States many years ago.

Funny, when I first joined Sonic Academy, I was shocked that Chris is the behind the scenes man of Sonic Academy yet is the producer of tons of REAL original Trance music that has been a part of my life since the mid/late 90's! :-) F#*@ing Awesome!
You guys inspired me to make music and learn the finer details of this incredible musical art we call Trance! And I must say..., its not easy!
BUT, Thank you!
I'm looking forward to some more awesome S.A. vids of Trance music production...

BTW! It would be wicked to get Ferry to make a tutorial for Sonic Academy! Lmao...

Thanks Chris for an awesome interview. You guys are awesome here!
Now I gotta go produce..... :-)

Thanks Pete for the kind words, have known Ferry for a good few years now, one of the nicest guys on the scene, always a smile for everyone. So happy our music inspired you back in the day, hope to hear you tracks soon! Enjoy Sonic and alway great to hear feedback like this

Great great interview! Ferry is not only a very talented musician, but also seems an honest and hard working person.

As he said, interesting days for trance...

Awesome interview with a legend who knows his stuff! Couldn't agree more with what he said about the melody.
Just a quick request for you Chris... would it be possible to get some interviews with Anjunadeep artists? Really loving the sound of Yotto, Lane 8, Universal Solution etc. and Anjunadeep 07 was an awesome compilation.

OK, I'm ultra motivated!!!
So I had to watch this interview again for the 3rd time LOL.... This made me un-dust some of my oldest CD's today!!! To many to name....:-)
100's of CD's of Trance music memories coming off my shelf... So f%#& Awesome!
Searching for a specific song off of a Ferry CD.


So I run into my small apartment music studio room :-)
Turned on my 1st Gen KRK's Rokit 8's & KRK 10" Sub (yes I know...old equipment). :-)
Turned on my Focusrite 18i8 and iMac 5k. (new equipment) Yea Baby!!!!
Popped into the CD player Ferry Corsten's Mixed live @Circus, Los Angeles CD (Awesome CD Btw!)

1st song "Nothing 93 Returning Mix". Damm that was a good song!!!
System is being played loud!!! :-)

BTW "That song would be a good tutorial"! :-)

Then I put in one of my fav's CD
Passport: Kingdom of the Netherlands - Sublime (Thrillseekers remix)

!!! F%&$#ng Wicked !!!

Now I wanna go to a Trance club in Miami! :-) LOL...

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Great! Thanks

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For me still one of the best producers around!

I’ve been following Ferry for over a decade & this is my first time I’ve seen a good, in depth, raw interview with him! Well done Sonic Academy! Loved it! Given me inspiration for sure! Peace, JD! :slight_smile:

Thanks you @JoshDirschka :wink:

Very interesting listening to you guys talk, thank you

Thanks! @Psychoziz

I’d love to see Ferry do a “how to” tutorial on this site lol

I want you to make me feel like I’m on fire.