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Gareth Emery Interview

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In this Interview, Chris chats with Trance DJ and producer Gareth Emery about his new venture Choon. Causing quite a stir in the industry, Choon is a blockchain based streaming service which aims to allow direct listener-to-artist relationships by cutting out all the industry middlemen. Benefits for artists include near real-time royalties, transparency in data, and smart contracts allowing the artist complete control of their works and splits. As a fan, you can create monetised playlists, know that your plays are directly supporting your favourite artists work, and have full confidence that you are supporting your favourite producers. Here we discuss how artists are paid, what are ‘notes’ and the roadmap for Choon over the next year. This is cutting-edge technology and here we chat to someone at the forefront.

Want to check out choon? Click on the link below -:


Gareth Emery your a legend. Iv been holding back my tunes for years and just waiting for something like this to happen i will be signing up to Choon today.

Well interesting and is just me or would you just love to go for a social pint with Gaz. True inspriational legend

What a legend indeed.

Finally got the time to watch this one. Brilliant interview, it’s great to see a true-felt & successful artist daring to “shake & move” things in the music distribution business .

Interesting take on Crypto and getting paid Royalties.


So interesting and informative!

I can’t open from my comp an iphone: Error 1016. How about you guys?


Sorry for late reply.

Working fine for me here using
If you’re still having issues you should contact them via mail

An 1016 Network Error usually means that DNS servers can’t resolve a name, it could have been a temporary issue or a problem with your own Internet settings but you will have more issues than just one site access then.

DNS Checker can help to check problems with potential DNS servers used to identify a web site, right now they report a problem in Montreal/Canada, could be a reason if your request is using this specific DNS.

Loving such a cool idea

Can someone tell me whats happen to i cant seem to longin or find the website ??

Hi there, sorry for very late reply :blush: no longer exist unfortunately, from what I could read, it went bankrupt due to a lack of investors not backing up the project as expected and the platform went down back in 2019 already.

Hi Tekalight sorry for the late reply buddy, Thats a shame I had a lot of my own tracks on there I want to try and get back but I don’t think thats going to be possible now, Well never mind.

Yeap, no luck then unfortunately.

Do you know AUDIUS ? That could be an alternative maybe.

Yes I am a member I signed up last year

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