Interview - Genix Interview / 251

In another exclusive producer interview, Chris from Sonic Academy hooks up with the UK based super producer Genix.


With over 50 solo and 50 remix releases, Genix’s production work can be heard on the records of Markus Schulz, Sander Van Doorn, Thrillseekers and some blokes called Agnelli and Nelson. His releaseses span across such labels as Vandit, Anjuna, Armada and Spinning.


We chat about his unique fusion of tech, trance and progressive, all mixed with an infectious groove and his 10 year + DJ career that saw him run one of the UK’s major clubbing destinations - Passion @ The Emporium.


Beautiful interview..great questions nailed it on this one..keep it anjunabeatsy..thanks

If it will include text file for english bad listener, it's the perfect...

You suck.

What is the name of the track you asked him about after y’all talked about Run? Was it Kaktus? Thanks!