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Jesse Siminski has been releasing music under the guise Heartthrob for nearly a decade. He has worked with a slew of cutting edge labels through the years including Bpitch, Minus, Spectral Sounds, Hot Creations and Mute. In 2013 he launched his own outlet called ISNISNT.

Sonic Academys' Paul Hamil catches up via Skype for an interview


I don't know how these interviews really improve our techniques and work. Ableton, logic... what instruments you have... fluff.

Sad to hear that Rick, I think everyone here finds them very very useful, a real insight into various producers methods of working. I for one have picked up several tips from conducting these - like using the invisible limiter, using a particular waves plugin when layering pads, Ilan using East west samples for his choir sounds, how Matt Lange heads outside to record environment sounds for sound design, Hugo chopping up freestyle Jazz performances in Ableton, what synths man of the moment Audien uses to create his massive sound, Pierce Fulton DJ set up, the list goes on and on. I think these give a real insight into different working methods and how EVERY producer takes a very different approach.

You said in your fast track build that you would be doing a tutorial on Invisible limiter I cant seem to find it?