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Jody Wisternoff Interview

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This week we are joined by a man who first burst onto the music scene in 1986 in the finals of the DMC World Mixing Championships and then went on to help create the rave scene in the early 90's in the UK and is still relevant today with recent releases on Anjunadeep.

So kick it back for the next 35 minutes as we learn some industry secrets with Jody Wisternoff.


Amazing interview! great work Chris, Jody has been my inspiration for ages. thanks again!

Cheers Swier, he was a total gentleman and a great interviewee, loved chatting to him.

Great interview! I didn't recognize the name at first until you said Way Out West.... then locked on with my full attention with an itch to pull out my old vinyl. My 2 favorites tracks - The Band and Ajare.... then Intensify... and so many others as I start thinking about it. Can't wait to hear what they have to offer on the new Album.

Mindcircus is one of the greatest tunes, looking forward to checking this out...

Awesome interview. Can't find this Barricade.

Loved the candor of the interview...makes me not feel as nerdy ;)

Definitively better than that s.... kid Audien. Fun interview with someone that has a lot more experience.

Nice mention of ToneBoosters Barricade :slight_smile: