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Maor Levi Interview

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Sonic Academys' Chris Agnelli catches up with Anjuna Beats' Maor Levi as he divulges all of his secrets on his set up, working methods, production process and key plugins.

I love this kind of stuff.

What was the plugin that he was talking about for the chords and where can I get it?

Marco Carvalho - Its called Improvisator and its free, just google it!

Do i need to purchase a subscription to watch this? I love maor levi and i really wanna have an insight of his production process..

Hi Julien - yes it's exclusive to subscribers !

Is it the Harmony Improvisator you are using? I can1't find a free one. In fact I can just find the Harmony Improvisator, that costs a 100 bucks ish..

Looks like they dont do the free one anymore. :(

wow,this is a nice interview.I am watching this vedio.This vedio is helpful for creating country beats.

shalom, brother :smiley: