Interview - Matt Lange Interview / 270

In another Sonic Academy exclusive interview, Chris catches up with LA based producer Matt Lange. Known for his musical craftsmanship, attention to detail, and emotional impact on the dance floor his recent releases on Anjunadeep have been supported by Richie Hawtin, Sasha and of course Above and Beyond.


Matt takes us through some of his new studio toys, discusses his production process and describes what inspires him.


Great interview! Anyone who has been on Anjuna has been great to see :D Would die for Andrew Bayer and Mat Zo! Must know how Lucid Dreams was made D:

This was a very refreshing interview... I appreciate the artist's honesty and uncompromising attitude towards production and live performance... Definitely worth watching...

Great Interview. I remember searching for Lange remixes on vinyl way back. It was great to hear this interview with him and put a face with the music. Just a FYI regarding the modular system... you can use the modular system as a polyphonic with Expert Sleepers Silent Way and ES3. Of course you would need to purchase the same oscillator for each voice which to run 3 voice chord would be around $600.00 (cheaper way to go). However if you compare what you can do with a modular system vs softsynth/hardward and have the cash to throw at it then it is worth it since you probably already dumped a couple grand into the thing if you own one. lol

Lange is different than Matt Lange