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Pierce Fulton Interview

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Sonic resident Chris Agnelli sits down with a rising star on the EDM scene, Pierce Fulton, as he quizzes him on his production workflow and arrangement techniques



thanks for having me guys!

T'was our pleasure Sir! - Guys, if you have any questions please post here and we will try and answer them as best we can.

You should be doing in the studio with this guys! @piercefulton:disqus is a total beast and his sound is something really inspiring. Interviews usually leave nothing knowledge wise, just a couple of plugin names and where he used them, nothing like seeing the pro's insight. I could go on and on about how much i love pierce fulton. Next time try to get this guys in the studio with a project file! that would really be a game changer.

If you know what piano is he using then i would love you haha.