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In this week’s interview, Chris catches up with old label boss and collaborator Rich from Solarstone. Here they chat about how the scene has vastly changed since his first release in 1995 and what keeps in the studio creating his ‘Pure Trance’ brand. Rich has seen it all - From scene founding father too, of late, initiator and flag-bearer for the Pure Trance movement, Solarstone’s enduring influence spans the near length of the genre’s history. Having championed the true nature of trance music from his very first release, the last 24 months have seen Solarstone drive its sound, almost singlehandedly, back up to the top of the genre’s agenda. Through his #PureTrance gospel - modernizing the genre’s heart, whilst maintaining its soul - he captured the mood of the scene with zeitgeist timing.

Thanks Richard for the great interview. Looking forward to a resurgence of Trance music and your new album.

Great to listen/learn from the interviews on this site!

Thanks @Nicootten So glad you like them.

my pleasure :slight_smile:

I love Solarstone’s music. I never knew he was one of us old people though. You are never too old to write fantastic trance music.

I wish I had Richard’s contact details cos I know he would absolutely love our music.


Very good interview and insightful

A legendary producer and scholar of the genre.

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