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Steve Duda Interview

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Join us from sunny L.A. as we interview Steve Duda, the creator of the ubiquitous LFO tool as well as one of the most talked about soft synths in recent times.. SERUM.


Steve is a self taught programmer and has released many plugins over the last 7 years under his Xfer records brand. He is also known as one half of BSOD with some guy called Deadmau5 and has mixed records for the likes of Wiil I Am, and collaborated with Funkagenda and Digitalism.


Here he talks about how he got started in the business, Serums difficult birth and how he approaches mixing for other artists.



Great interview. Hearing Steve's experiences and advice is inspiring. Thanks.

I wish the volume between Chris and Steve was the same, I keep on playing with the loudness it's kinda annoying

yep, the interview content was great but due to the level differences it was a very uncomfortable listening experience and after awhile i was only listening to the answers. I highly recommend this be reworked and reuploaded for other people.

What an inspiring interview! I have the upmost respect for Duda... what a brilliant mind!

A lot of food for thought Steve. Thank you for sharing and thanks to Chris as well, for setting up the interview.

great concepts here. very inspiring

super informative