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Timecop 1983 Interview

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Following on from his hugely popular synthwave course, Chris is joined by the course creator 'Timecop1983' from his studio in Holland.


Here he finds out a little more about the producer himself, the ever growing synthwave scene, and where to go if you wanted to find out more about this genre.

What happened to the Synthwave tutorial? Can't seem to find it anymore!

Where is this corse?

Hi there @Jamieip

Yes, this is the interview, you’ll find the course here How To Make Synthwave Retrowave with Timecop 1983 in FL Studio | Tutorial 01 - Introduction and Playthrough

learned so much from this interview. i hope i get to see an interview with The Midnight as well!

Hey there @keehoon

There’s no interview with The Midnight unfortunately but they have done a full course for Sonic Academy.

If you’d like to watch another interview with a great Synthwave Producer, take a look at Michael Oakley interview and he also did a full track walk-through course here.

Thanks for this!!


Does not look like this interview is online?


The video is playing back fine here.

Are you receiving any error message and possibly this one :

“Sorry, because of its privacy settings, this video cannot be played here”.

If that’s the case then anti-virus software like Bitdefender could cause issue, a few users reporting this.

Could also be too much restrictive settings in your web browser, or being behind a firewall.

Hope this help !

Let us know if you’re still having issue on your end after checking the above, thanks :wink: