Intro 8 guide - missing project file?

I am trying to do the intro 8 how to guide. I have downloaded the files and as per the first video have gone to open the project file and I have files named module 5 7 8 9 10 11 and 12. However on the video he has opened a file called introbk.als.

Where an I get this file as none of the ones I Have look like the project he has opened, they just look like incomplete versions of it or am I supposed to join them up somehow?



What a fool, I’ve realised my own error…

[quote]alanluvsfunk (18/05/2011)[hr]What a fool, I’ve realised my own error…[/quote]

just open module 12 if you want to reference the video - but nothing is actually done in the first 4 videos

Yeah, thanks.

I’ve realised you actually end up making the files for yourself as the video goes on. It’s great course btw, I’ve never used any music software before and am finding the videos easy to follow and very well made.