Introducing Sonic Rewards / 656

Today marks the launch of our new loyalty based points system Sonic Rewards!

For every purchase you now make on the store - you will earn 10% back in the form of rewards points which can be used against future purchases.
So whether you are signing up for a Subscription to our video tutorials, purchasing the latest Sample Pack, or buying a Sonic Academy Plugin - with each purchase you will be earning points.

To find out more - just make sure you are signed in and then head over to your new “My Account” area where you will be greeted with an introductory video explaining it all.

interesting. i really like the implementation and user interface. sometimes your website tilts me a bit with its weird ux/usability flaws (inconsistent navigation between site sections, gray=inactive “new topic” call to action buttons in the forum, headline on the promoted item on the home page not clickable, …). but this is good stuff. first time i read that you have a refer-a-friend program.^^

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glad you like the style! :slight_smile:

Great idea! Might nick it :smiley: