Ipad + ableton


recently got an ipad and im thinking of using it to control ableton and maybe traktor. anyone had any experience in this? been looking at touchOSC, lemur, touchable etc not really sure what to go for?

any suggestions?


Lemur wins hands down. They have just released an update with an in app editor, already comes with the Mu template for controlling Ableton and will include Livecontrol 2 for free any day now:

‘Improvise a riff on the Play page, then switch to the Sequencer page to edit the pattern. Choose a key and scale to guide your melodies and use Quick Chord to instantly create harmonies. Use the Modulate page to flawlessly map any parameter from any plugin to the MultiBall object and take advantage of Physics, LFOs and gesture recording. The Launch page gives you everything you would expect from a clip launcher, and more. We even integrated snapshots and morphing.’

I’ve bought a few apps to control Ableton, Reaktor etc and Lemur is by far the best. Well worth the money.

Agreed, i downloaded Lemur yesterday and i’m very impressed with it.

I’ve also got Sonic logic which is a fraction of the price and does similar things.

That’s a new one! It looks as though it only works with MIDI though - Lemur does OSC as well (but if you are only looking to control Live with it then this is all you will need). Another customisable controller template designer is Beatsurfing. Too many!

The lemur does look really nice. What’s it like to set up each time? Remember a few years ago trying to set up iPhone with traktor using touchosc it was such a ball ache I just never used it again! I’m on mac now, will it be as seamless as it should be?

Yes - if you are on a Mac the free Lemur Deamon app sets up its own virtual Ports that pick up any Lemur apps running on the same network. Your iPad appears here and you just click on it to connect.

thanks for your replies, will probs go for the lemur :slight_smile:

No problem - let me know how you go on! I’m still learning - the in app editor update made me want to pick it up again.

fired up lemur yesterday. what a beast. nice to be able to switch from drums to keys etc. cant wait to dig a little deeper!

Take a look at the premium content on their website. The Mu controller for Ableton is great, and if you have Reaktor there are some brilliant ensembles to try.br
On another note, if you have Nerve (the drum plugin from Xfer Records), Steve Duda, the developer, has developed a Lemur template that allows you to control every parameter directly on your iPad through Lemur or TouchOSC. It really is unbelievable - I’ve never seen anything quite like it elsewhere.br
Have fun! :slight_smile:

im looking forward to the livecontrol 2 teplate coming out. would you say that mu is currently the best one for lemur at controlling ableton at the minute?

Yes - I think so. But it’s not without its faults. The drum racks, for example, keep crashing on me, but its great fun having hands on control over all the parameters for Lives instruments and effects. Can’t wait for LiveControl!