Is a DUMMY CLIP - FX rack FX chain used here?

Hello Sound Academy Tech Tips production team,

Please review this track by some producers…here [url][/url]

at the middle mark 2:45 in this Electro House track have a listen. Do the use FX side chainm meaning an FX rack

and switch back and forth effecting a single synth. It seems they are using Sylenth and Massive or just one but has such variety i am wondering if those types of production sections or arrangement are created by manually separately arranging the track synth parts

in arrangement mode of ABLETON Live 8 or just in the Sample view mode of Ableton such as using the DUMMY CLIPS method with FX Rack for something like this. Because they are using LFO’s and Envelope modulations, but I don’t know if its actually considered AUTOMATION in this song? Just let me know your best guess. Would that section you’ll listen to be consider Automation or a different method to produce and arrange all those variety of synths?

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Paul :slight_smile:

Any time i do this stuff… i resample the bass part and copy it to a few different tracks and apply different fx to each part… then cut them in and out as needed.

The Dummy clips thing works too but i find the transitions can be bit sloppier.

Are there other ways and other opinions you think from other Admins here?

Also what are some more modern arrangement patterns for Electro House?

Or do most producers just listen to their favorites and write down the arrangement order of when “Changes” are made and “BuildUps”, and “Breakdowns” are?