Is any one else out there mixing Glitch style? Post your tracks here!

I am a huge fan of Squarepusher and Aphex Twin so I recently decided to try my hand at writing in the style called Glitch. I used Cubase as the DAW and NI’s Massive, Korg Legacy, Korg Triton and the glitch plug-in called Livecut. If there is anyone else out there mixing glitch, I’d love to hear it. Share your techniques with us and tell us about other artists that are out there. Here is my profile with the mix “Escape Fidelity”. Let me know what you think.

Hey Scientific method

I’ve been making tracks for about over a year or so now mostly trance but I’ve been getting into my glitch music big time.I personal don’t think cubase is best for making that style of music i think Ableton is because it’s really easy to slice loops i don’t know what way it’s done in Cubase but i think the slice technique plays a part in glitch style music. Anyway i did a remix last week there of an Imogen heap track just for fun and tried to put elements of the glitch style in there here’s a link i uploaded to megaupload see what ya think-

Also i don’t know if you have heard of these guys but they use a glitch style in there tracks too which sounds really good there called Telefon Tel Aviv.

Also i think you would like Thom Yorke’s album the eraser it’s a bit on the glitchy side anyway hope you find some of this info useful.Dave:-)

Jim Hughes of The Scientific Method

Sorry i didn’t realize your name was on the post sorry Jim anyway i also forgot to link you to these great plug-in called (Glitch) ha anyway heres a link i use it for Ableton it used to shut the DAW all the time but now it work’s fine don’t think it’s cut out on me in age’s now anyway it’s a super plug-in for glitch music and it’s FREE-

I actually downloaded that plugin just a few weeks ago. I tried the newest version and it was shutting down Cubase also, so I found an earlier version and it works great. Cubase isn’t the best for glitch, I agree. After watching all the tutorials, however, I learned some pretty cool tricks in Cubase for slicing beats. I mostly use Cubase for mixing film scores. It is amazing for that purpose. I’m also a big Thom Yorke fan. Great minds huh? I’ll have to check out the other one. I’m about to go check out your track right now.