Is anyone making a return on productions in cold hard cash?

Could be a cheeky question, its not meant to be, but I’m wondering if anyone here is seeing any kind of return on any tunes they have had signed, however small in may be and if so how long after the tune was signed did you see it.

Also is there anyway of tracking sales or do we have to depend 100% on the label for this information?

Would be interesting to know I think

in the contract they should have a line where they explain when u can request statements of the sales. if you just signed and they dont have this line u probably need to contact them and request it. is the obligation of the labels to send u that info . something that also need to be enforced at the time signing a contract.

i recieved my first check last month from a EP that i released 6 months ago i think :P. and i tell u that the pay is not as big as i thought it would be heheh .

The quick answer is no. It takes an extremely large amount of sales to see a decent return and usually the only way you get those sales is 1. Every dj on the planet is caning it and 2. Its been broaght out under a big label and his geting promo’d and publicized to hell.

Iv had my first track released almost 3 months ago,

The contract said il be sent a statement + payment once every 3 months but honestly il be highly supprised if I make anything more than a couple of quid, although the track was released as part of a compilation cd so I’m not quite sure how that’s gonna work out for now.

But when that invoice comes I will have no problem sharing what it said with you guys.

A mate of mine asked a small label boss straight one time "what’s the most anyone has made from sales of a track on his label?(a small indi label run on a shoe string budget from this guys house)

He said the most actually put into an artists pocket was around £350 from sales alone but it was pretty much a one off and nobody had come close to it since.