Is dubstep taking off?

Here in the United States, it seems like things in electronic music take off alot slower then they do in the UK and Europe. From what you see across the pond, is dubstep coming in the limelight and getting big?


i live in the states like you but i think its taking off. on soundcloud there are a lot of dubstep groups with a ton of members and tunes. to me that says a lot.also on hype machine dubstep tracks are consistently in the top charts.

It’s big in the UK.

it’s been very popular in my little town for at least a year or two now. personally i quite like the style but i can really enjoy being around the crowds, most of the guys that listen to it in my town are very anti social and the common place to find it being played is in the back of some dark grubby pub.


have you ever seen what rusko looks like? i saw him on youtube playing a set and he looked pretty crazy

I think I’m gonna start making it. Maybe I’ll track my progress and post videos on YouTube. Would that be a good idea or is it against the rules?

In london its a big part of the scene im really into it :slight_smile:

even though i am a pretty big fan of dubstep at the moment (but i will admit it is still pretty new to as i didnt really “GET IT” if you will until maybe 6 months ago)…i have yet to hear a dj in ireland play a single dubstep track out, even though we would all be very aware of how big it is in the U.K.

It’s exploded in New Zealand. You hear it all the time on the radio, that and a very similar genre called Grime.

I like some dubstep, SubFocus does an awesome dubstep track:

- YouTube

I’ve been working on a dubstep tune for some time now but I can’t get my massive wobble resampled the way I like it.

where i am living in noticed that all the D&B heads starting to listen more Dubstep . lol

i even started to like some Glitchy Dubstep stuff.

very cool Music :slight_smile:

its massive now

i first started following it 2005/2006 but it seems to have lost the dub element and now a lot of it is starting to sound like slowed down jump up dnb to me

hopefully it will get its groove back

Do you want to see a HTSL Dubstep?

Sonic will need to know whether there is community demand for the tutorial before they schedule it in, so remember, your vote counts.

Get voting:


if you do please use kode 9 / skream / martyn as a reference point and not caspa & rusko etc.

i wouldnt mind a Dub step Tutorial ! i will be down ! :smiley:

Weird, I was thinking about this just today but the a bit the other way round.

I was thinking if I incorporated some Dub-Step elements into my tunes would I seem like a band wagoner.

I’m from Bristol originally where Dub Step is really big, and even though I love Drum & Bass, I struggle with dub-step for some reason.

I like the basslines, but the swagger of the beats is too broken for me. Though I would still love to see a tutorial on it cos the production level is usually quite high.

It is definitely one of the more devisive genres going, and I like that it get’s people talking. It’s also a style that seems to have massive broader influence too.

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