Is it necessary to layer Kick Synth?

I find the Synth working fine without being layered with another timbre, am i in the right track?

So far I’ve been getting good results as a standalone although if you wanted to layer clicks, use different eq settings for the click than the sub bass or have different distortion settings on the click than on the sub bass I could see doing two… or processing the click how you want it, bounce audio of the click solo’d, then load that new click in to use for your drum. br
Since you can have the distortion bypass the click sample the only issue I could see is if the eq settings were interfering with how you wanted the click to sound. Although from the video tutorials it looks as if you can use this for more than just making a kick so wherever your creativity can take you. Using instruments for more than they originally were designed for is what drives sound design. look at the 303 for example