Is it possible to control multiple parameters in one automation clip in Ableton Live

I have been working on an evolving sound using a synth and multiple distortion plugins chained to it, and I have parameters from the different plugins all mapped to one midi knob, some set to specific ranges, some inverted, all that need to move very specifically at the same time. I know I can record every envelope into the track using the midi controller, however I would like to be much more precise by drawing it in as one automation clip. Basically, I need a way to get the effect of an envelope controlling everything the midi knob controls.

If anyone could help it would be most appreciated.

You should be able to record the knob movements and go in after and edit.

Or if you know the midi controller number you can select it and draw in the automation.

Thanks for the reply,

I’ve tried recording it then going back and editing, but it only allows me to edit one parameter’s envelope at a time. However option 2 sounds promising, but I do not know where in Ableton to select the midi controller number for automation.

Thanks again

ok try recording the midi controller to a separate midi track.

in the midi clip under envelopes there is a drop down for midi control… it will show you any automated parameters.

You sir…

You are awesome, saved me so much time editing this, thank you does not begin to describe it.

Awesome! Glad to Help!