Is it possible to load Kick1 presets in Kick2?

Is it possible to load Kick1 presets in Kick2?

In the demo video it was mentioned that the old distortion has been kept in Kick2 for backward compatibility. This suggests to me that it should be possible.

But when I copy my Kick1 presets to the Kick2 folder, they are listed but cannot be opened.

Am I missing something?


We will soon be releasing a convertor tool to convert Kick 1 presets into Kick 2 presets, we just need to polish it a little more!!



Hi, when can we expect this tool to be released? It’s huge gap that Kick2 can’t load Kick1 presets. We have to do them one more time…

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Yes please! We need this!

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Any update on this?

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I’m going to let you play with the alpha version - it was literally only built for internal use and there have been changes to KICK 2 since this last build so it doesn’t 100% work - but it will get you 90% of the way there.

We’ll have a more refined version next week hopefully (1.4 MB)


Thanks a lot! Worked good enough for me.

oeeiii i will try it :wink:

shit Mac only right?

Mac only i’m afraid for now :slight_smile:

PM me your zips and ill convert them for you

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thanxs for the help and maybe i will send them if it won’t work.
But i was thinking to install Mac with Vmware, i did that before.
I only delete this because of the disk space
And if i understand the presets will work then in windows too

Would be nice to have it for Win, too ;=) ATM i have to use Kick 1 and 2 …


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Haha 0 presets are converted,
Audiotent kick vol 1
Future house presets
Kick progressive house expansion
Renegade kick vol 2
Vandalism shocking expansion 2
Vandalism shocking expansion 3
Vandalism Trap

they are all got a error

Thanks man it worked perfectly for me:)

Where there ever any updates on the aplha version. I tried converting a vandelis pack and even the Romero presets and the wouldnt work. Ay help? :slight_smile:

Hi Kick 1 presets are not compatible with Kick 2 - We have however updated the Nick Romero pack, Festival Kicks and Ost and Meyer from kick 1 to be compatible with Kick 2.


If you already own KICK 1 (assume you do as you have the Nicky Romero Presets) then the Nicky presets are already converted and included as part of your Kick 1 > Kick 2 upgrade.

The latest converter tool is included in the KICK 2 installer ZIP folder

Is there an updated converter now? thx