Is there a healthy underground scene in the US?

Does anyone know if there is a healthy and thriving underground clubbing scene in the US, to go alongside all these EDM festivals that they are currently having?

Does the US have an underground scene to counter-balance it?

i would say yes. i’m sure that in the bigger cities there are some decent underground hot spots.

it’s there :) 

Warm up 2012 in NY looks good.

yea ps1 is not to far from my studio. it used to be public school. now they turned into a modern art museum-cool music venue.

check out electric zoo nyc. massive this year!!! end of august:D:D

Absooolutely!! I live in San Diego. the underground, proper house/techno scene in Los Angeles is fantastic! So many great parties and Djs visit LA on a regular basis. Much thanks to Superfreq guys, but also Crosstown rebels (Damian Lazarus) has been pushing the scene forward.

Then you have the Riff Raff label which is excellent, appendix shuffle is there and many many more.

In San Diego there is also a proper underground scene, but it is very, very small. In my book, that is great! Desert parties and small venues abound, great music.

quality > quantity

But a resounding YES! it is here and it is more than great!


Good to hear!

That’s the thing - obvisouly you hear lots of stuff about the comercial side of things, but because of it’s very nature, you don’t hear about the underground stuff going on as well - so good to hear that the States has a good scene that might help develop things going forward as well!