Is there a new beta to test ? + ANA 2 Keyboard Octave Range Visual Feedback Request

How can I get notified when new betas are available to test?
Also, how can I view additional octaves on Ana 2 main keyboard?

Hey @James_Wolk

There’s a dedicated category in the forums ( where you originally posted ) ANA 2 Beta - Sonic Academy Forums and S.A team could also use other medias like emails to users or announcement via their social medias or the more recent Facebook Discussion Group Sonic Academy - Music Production Discussion | Facebook

Would likely depends of the importance of the Beta & the needs for testing, but S.A will let you know :slight_smile:

The GUI displays a 49 keys layout keyboard covering 4 octaves ranging from C1 to C5. The keyboard Controls offer Mod Wheel or Pitch Bend Wheel and also other options but no octave change. The keyboard respond to octave change from a Midi controller but when you’re out of the C1 / C5 range you won’t see the notes. I think this is the default behavior and that’s not possible to map via the Midi Assignments in the settings.

Don’t find it that a big issue myself though :slight_smile:

Now additionally ANA 2 shines with the very powerful Chord Memory Device or CMD that offer complex Chords maping on a single key across the all octaves. More about that in the manual : Section 13-CMD / Page 48.

Thanks Stéphane, I appreciate your reply.
I have 88-note controller, so it would be handy to be able to view additional octaves on main keyboard. Maybe make it a preference/global setting option. Shouldn’t be too difficult to add/program.

Hey again James,

Yep, for sure this could be handy when using larger key-beds controllers :slight_smile:

I can’t tell you if that’s easily possible to implement or not, maybe @phil_johnston could answer that.

Anyway I updated your topic title to list this a a request, S.A team will have a look at it.

Cheers !


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