Is there a refund policy or a way to resell?

I’ve tried but for my needs it’s just problem after problem and also my wanting to go more live this synth alone uses far too much CPU for certain patches I can remake in sylenth1 or Adam Szabo’s Viper for a fraction of the CPU consumption.

Hi @Muzikfreq

Sorry to read this, for any refund/resell inquiry, please send a mail at

When a simple pad hits 40% usage while using another with the same sound only hits 10% it makes it hard for a live use.

Hi again,

IMO, playing Soft Synth live is sometime cumbersome, you need to have a quite powerful computer, fast audio card & connection & to find the right buffers settings. Don’t know if you’re on a Mac or Win but on both systems & especially on Windows, it is sometimes a matter of turning of services & many background apps that suck out a large amount of ram & process, I know it can take some time to get there and find the right hardware conf. & software tweaks to have a reliable live rig.

Next to that I think it’s always good to have more synths in your arsenal and I find ANA 2 a very good one, the filters & modulation possibilities are great as well as the matrix mode, arp & chords memory features.

But yeah, I can’t tell this instead of yourself & it’s up to you if you want to get rid of it or not of course, in this case just mail S.A and have a chat about it, I know you can resell it, there’s just a small fee for the buyer I think, for refund this need to be discuss with S.A.

Hope this helps, cheers !

Lol omg I just saw some things that frustrated me a lot and it’s user error and my selective vision. I should be able to get it working that way I was wanting.

Emailed them back updating that I decided to keep it.

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and you’re doing the right choice IMO, it’s definitely a great soft-synth, I won’t get rid of it :slight_smile: