Is there an upgrade path to ANA 2?

Just wondering what the ETA is on ANA 2 and if there is an upgrade path from ANA 1?



yes there will be a discounted upgrade path for ANA 1 users - we are currently in BETA testing with ANA2 - we’ll have more details to follow shortly

I just wonder should i wait for ANA 2, or get ANA now? If the expansion packs don’t work with ANA 2, then it’s pretty obvious i have to buy ANA too and later ANA 2.

What kind of pricetag you have planned for ANA 2? I understand if it’s a secret.

The upgrade price is discounted so you won’t be losing out if you purchase ANA 1 now.

We haven’t finalised the price of ANA2 yet, not nailed down if we are going to be able to bring the old presets across yet

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Thanks Bryan. It’s just that i am running on a budget and have to carefully plan what i can and cannot buy :smiley: But if i don’t lose anything, I don’t see no harm getting ANA first and ANA 2 later. :slight_smile:

So I am in the same boat and was wondering if ANA2 will replace ANA1? Will they be able to run along side each other or is this an update to the synth and will replace ANA1? I ask because Synthmaster released Synthmaster and then Synthmaster one and they are two different synths.

Hi Bry… Just about to download ANA 2 (long time ANA 1 / kick 1/2 user here… great job on both guys… oh and thanks for the upgrade path :stuck_out_tongue: ).

I haven’t found any info on what you mentioned here.

Am I able to import ANA 1 presets over? (I was assuming no… just curious as I did in fact purchase a few different expansion banks from the site)


Likewise, it would be great if we could import our preset packs, otherwise awesome job guys. I’m glad I can support your work by purchasing your products!