Is there ANY form of support here or what?

I’ve sent SEVERAL forwards to a SIMPLE inquiry through their support but no one even responds, as if I’m deliberately being ignored.

Very NOT cool guys, your support is horrible. Reading the ‘testimonies’ then only makes you look like a bunch of hypocrites.

So PLEASE, check your support emails and AT LEAST honor me with a response.

For f*'s sake !

Hey there @Respoda

It would help to learn what is this all about and what’s your issue instead of just screaming & bashing their support here on the forums :wink:

What’s the issue ? Problem with purchase, account, plugins ?? How long ago have you email them ?

Ah yes, ok, sorry bout that. It is a simple question what their procedure is for transferring my kick2 license to another user.

I’ve heard horror stories too about users who did that and had to wait several WEEKS before even getting a response, so that is NOT giving me a lot of confidence. Also the way in which they disable all means to communicate them say via facebook messenger, also doesn’t grace us with any confidence in them. CONTRARY ! I had to comment on someone else’s post on fb to even reach them (and even that is uncertain if they’ll even read it there). So I’ll repeat: their support capabilities are horrible.

I’ve already waited days and tried everything else to contact them ‘first’, before I found this forum. So I’m already a bit frustrated, so you’ll just have to forgive me for that.

No worries, I just checked with someone from S.A team, they are aware about it they will respond to you, no stress.

Really ?? That’s awesome. thank you friend ! And sry for the frustrated attitude. My bad !

Yeah well, I can understand, no ones is having a nice time right now and I think we’re all gonna be a bit more overwhelmed than usual, but TBH, that won’t help :smile:

From what I know about the license transfer, there’s mainly one person at S.A that can make it happen, so it might have been that other people telling you about a bad experience just put a transfer license request when this person was on leave, simple as this.

Don’t worry they’ll sort this out for you.

Meanwhile : Stay safe & stay home ! :wink:

cool mate ! thanks !

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Oh and one more thing ( 'cause posts have been flying so fast in this thred, LOL ) reaching S.A support isn’t disable at all or only possible via FB.

Hope this helps for next time :wink:

Cheers !

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Just wanted to say that they just got back to me just like you said. Confidence restored.
If I had known about this forum from the beginning, all of this would have been avoided. Glad I know now.
Thanks again !

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No problem, good to read it’s now in order :thumbsup:

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