Is there any reason for me to change Audio Interface

Hi guys!

I´m using a M-Audio Delta Audiophile 192 a pretty old card. I use Sylenth1, and some other midi synths (no live recordings) to create electronic music.

I have read for example about the RME 9632 card that should be fantastic.

My question: given the way i work would this RME card improve the sound or in any other ways improve my productions? Or should i stick with my old card and save that 35 euros?

I have also read about the UAD 2 card, as i understand, it has a helping processor for your plugins. Dose that processor just helps the UAD plugins or dose it boost the whole “setup” ?


Christofer :slight_smile:

Just keep what you have dude. If you decide to get hardware, then change interfaces if your card cant support it. Any new piece of gear isnt gonna make you any better then you already are. In many cases, it might hinder your growth.

Ok that´s what i thought, but it´s so good to here it from some one who knows.

Thanks mate! :slight_smile:

No problem dude. My best friend said it best. Freak whatcha got! Also, personally, all my synths are hardware. I still use Sylenth and Strobe if I need something quick or im away from my gear. However, I found that the more gear I had, the less I learned about the stuff I had.