Is there any well known producer

Eric prydz, skrillex, umek, feed me … any other well known producer use sample packs to get kicks , hats etc… ? If not how they produce those huge kicks , I am kinda new to production and just started to mess around with a Synth ( vsti ) but cant get anything close to a decent kick that fits in a track…

you can get kicks from sample CD’s or sampling your favorite records. There’s also a software instrument called Metrum, but it’s kinda pricey for what it does.

Try here:

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Ultimately, it takes time, experimentation, and learning about important tools like compressors, eq’s, etc.

other drum sounds like hats, snares, claps, percussion, etc. you can get with a microphone and home sounds. You just have to get creative. Learn how to use the sampler in your DAW.

Sample CD’s are also a good source. There are a bunch of free samples online if you look. But again, you can take an average sample and make it sound GREAT with compressors, eq’s, reverbs, etc.

Things I have been using to make kicks for the sample pack that I am working on are, my virus, basket ball, paper, drum kit, voice’s etc… There are alot of good free samples out there you look, think SA may of even done a video in the past saying where to get free samples but as I am not a paid up member anymore I can’t check to see where!


Everyone uses sample packs for that stuff.


I’m pretty sure all the pros steal each others tunes and just EQ everything out except the low end, too. Haha, must be nice to work for Minus or Kompakt!


Xfer Sample Pack from Deadmau5 & Steve Duda.

Vengeance Sample Packs work great as well.