Is there guitar software which allows me to make the riffs on my pc without a guitar?

Hiya, I have been asking my friend who is a very good guitarist to write me a few riffs and to record them on his PC which I can then make a song out of. However my friend is very unreliable, especially that he is over 200 miles away after we both graduated university.

I was wondering if there was any way I could make riffs straight on my PC as sadly I am awful on guitar and I really want to get started on making some songs. Is there any software like that?

Thanks for any help.

:ermm: there has to be some software out there.

the samplers in reason have really good guitar patches so yeah you can play riffs on your keyboard if thats what u mean?

What so with reason I could make riffs just as if I was picking up a guitar and doing so?

[quote]tjallen900 (23/10/2010)[hr]What so with reason I could make riffs just as if I was picking up a guitar and doing so?[/quote]

I mean technically “you can play all the same notes on a piano that you can on guitar”…

BUT… and this is a big but.

There are LOTS of riffs for both the piano & guitar that 1 can play and not the other.

Because of the nature of the 2 instruments and the variation of players ability there are just things that can be done on the guitar that just can’t be done on the piano & vice-versa.

So the answer is (reason patches or not…) it depends on what these riffs are…

If you want just some guitar chords, I’m sure you could figure that out on a piano. Its pretty easy to do. (except for playing chords with muted strings). If you have some double tapping guitar solo that would make van halen go WHAAA… you are gunna be SOL when you try to transpose that to a piano.

I go through this all the time cause I play guitar and it has been difficult until recently to get my riffs correct.

you could get audio file riffs and then throw them into guitar rig.

guitar rig allows you to get tons of awesome guitar sounds without actually playing it.

but to make them unique you would still have to throw the audio files into simpler and play notes on the piano.

Lol Van Halen solos. Well I am just looking to make catchy guitar riffs which are more for the start and are in the background of the songs and then all the other instruments and sounds come in to play and generally dominate the song. But thanks for the information, I will look into it straight away :smiley:

You could just find riffs that you like and sample them. Chop them into individual hits. Then arrange them in the rhythm you choose… Then you don’t have to do half that stuff. Hell, you could even sample a Van Halen solo! :wink: :cool: