Is there still a Monthly Subscription option?

I have previously subscribed monthly and annually and like the monthly option as I never know how much time I have free from one month to the next. I like being able to stop and start as I like and am happy to pay more that a quarterly or annual price per month for this benefit. When I look at subscribing now, I can only see a quarterly or annual option, have you discontinued monthly subscriptions?

Hi there

The monthly plan is no longer available, it’s been replaced with the Quarterly Plan ( 3 months Plan ).

So at the moment there’s 2 subscriptions available :

1 - Quarterly : 3 Months Plan.
2 - Yearly : 12 Months Plan.

  • You can manage your plan & check it’s renewal date from your My Account/Subscriptions area.

  • You can cancel anytime you want from there.

  • After cancelling, your plan will keep running until it’s end date but it won’t renew.

Hope this helps answering your question.

Cheers :wink: