Is this a Cheap way of Promoting yourself?

I am kind of confused and at the same time i just want to see how this works.

I noticed that some producers here and also other producers outside of SA are remixing tracks and letting everyone to download for free

now what are they doing is pretty much simple. using the originall tracks from the beatport charts tracks with out Remixing or changing anything ,then add Vocals and let everyone to download it for free

is this a cheap way of being noticed?

am i going to get in trouble if the original Producer notice it ?

whats the worst that could happen ?

whats your thoughts ? because i am ready to put vocals to the Deadmau5 tracks and let everyone to download if for free heheeh

you will be breaking copyright of both of the tracks, many dj’s make re-edits and mash ups for there personal use and have done this for years but sharing them is different many things could happen;

  1. Nothing (It is difficult for labels and producers to spot everything thats happening on the net)

  2. You could be asked to remove the tracks you have no rights to share.

  3. You could be prosecuted for file sharing.

    I’m sure there are other things that could happen and i’m sure the other users of this site will have comments but mine is BE CAREFUL using music other people have created to make tracks that you don’t have the rights too…


Blehh :(.hehee

are they honestly not doing anything?

for example, i’m working with a couple of other guys to do re-edits - so kind of remixing/reworking without stems and drastically changing stuff to make it more usable or whatever.

Is this the kind of thing you mean or is it literally just someone elses track with their name slapped on it?

well yeahh pretty much just some edits or add vocals ( but not really remixing it )

this is a good example.

the Vocals make it more fun than the original definetly .

but there is other version or Bootlegs on soundcloud but this one so far is the best i downloaded it


as long as you dont make any money from it, then its no problem,

free download is ok via Soundcloud

Year exactly they cannot and will not take any legal action UNLESS you make any money on it, even if it’s 0,01 cent they can prosecute you. However there are loop holes for instance you pit your track on some social networking site for free so you say hey it’s free I’m not making any money from this and they can say stuff like what about soundclouds advertising revenue Etc but this is very nitpicky and I doubt anyone can be bothered to try and prosecute you this way. I also think there’s another loophole as these sites I think pay a royalty bill each year. I know YouTube does cos they got aggro for people posting up full tracks .

I’m still not sure that a producer/record company would be impressed that your track be it a bootleg or a mashup, includes the full version of their property and can be downloaded for free. This is still loss of revenue to them!