Is this a ridiculous/impossible concept (Midi related)

Okay so I have a USB keyboard that I use in ableton, it has 25 keys. My knowledge of music theory has increased a lot and I need more keys, so I was going to buy a 61 key.


There’s a keyboard I really dig but it’s 49 keys. Is it possible to map both the 25 and the 49 at the same time, kind of in a way to make it a huge 74 key-board? as in using the 25 as an EXTENSION so I can have a wider range of octaves.

Hope I explained that well enough haha!

Don’t think it’s possible.

And why would you want to do that? If you want to play out live on the keyboard, it might be easier for playing purposes to have a single keyboard instead of 2 of which 1 is an extension of the other.

For studio work it’s not necessary. You can shift octaves in Ableton with the Z and X. Other DAW’s probably have something similar.

Yes - you can. On the track you’re playing on set the I|O to “MIDI From - All Ins”, set the 2 keyboards so that they cover the different octave ranges and away you go.