Is this too happy?

I was watching some of the music theory videos and it said that electro tracks arent suppose to be too “happy” or else it would sound like a kids song.

This is what i have so far. Is there anything i can improve on?

Can’t listen to the track as at work - but have you used a minor scale and chords in the track?

If you have, then chances are you ain’t going to make a track that sounds ‘too happy’!


yes i used the cminor scale

is there a time where I would use a major scale?

Sometimes tracks do switch key to a minor scale - usually when a producer wants to create a really uplifting and happy contrast to the track.

But generally most dance music will always be written in a minor scale. 

The confusion does come when producers start using notes in their melodies and chord progressions, that don’t fit into the regular scale that they are using for the majority of the track!

But this is more advanced stuff, and for now just stick to a single minor scale and this should get the best results for you.