Isolating nodes- pitch and position

Hi there, have checked the manual and searched the forum but couldn’t find anything about this:

Is it possible to lock the horizontal/vertical position of each node in the pitch envelope, so that you can adjust ONLY the pitch or ONLY the timing?

At the moment whenever I try and edit only one of those by hand the other one inevitably moves because the mouse position moves. Is there a way of adjusting with arrow keys or locking the mouse to only 1 axis at a time? If not, how feasible is that as a feature request?


At the minute there is no way to lock the horizontal or vertical input, but i will make a note of it as a feature request

Just came back looking for an answer to this, and… there is one!!! Kick 1.1.4 allows midi mapping of X and Y for the first 8 nodes of each graph :heart_eyes:

I’ve just written off an arrangement session to map these all into my faithful Novation Nocturn.

Many thanks for this, team!! :pray::pray::pray:

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