Issue with Ana 2 opening up with the "A Beautiful Dread Lead" preset instead of previously selected preset


I recently encountered a issue where my old projects with Ana 2 are opening up with the “A Beautiful Dread Lead” preset instead of the preset I used in that project.

I tried reinstalling even updating it but still nothing seems to work, I work in Fl Studio 21. I suspect that me updating my DAW might have something to do with it or a file directory issue, where the fl studio project file cant find the preset used in the project so Ana 2 just defaults to that preset.

Really need some help Thanks.

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  • What version of ANA 2 are you using ?

  • What’s your Operating System ?

  • Is this happening with a specific plugin format ? AAX, AU, VST2 or VST 3 ( or any format ? )

It could be that those projects were created with an older version of ANA 2 ( there was a known issue at some point with the plugin not correctly recalling settings ).

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The version I used for the projects was 2.0, I stop paying for the slate digital bundle and then couldn’t access the plugin and now when I bought it again the presets are not loading. Im using windows 10 and the plugin format is VST 3. When I started to experiences the issues i updated to 2.5

could you detail just the route to this problem again?

did you update to 2.5 and then start experiencing the problem or did you experience the problem and then update to 2.5

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Hi Bryan
Sorry for the late response I think I missed a few key details out of my post so Ill list them in order of events.

  1. I have been using ANA 2 With the Slate Digital All Access pass had no issues.

2 Then I forgot to pay my subscription so I couldnt use the plugin for a while.

  1. At the time i couldnt use the plugin I wasnt really using my daw for music production much and then due to other reasons I changed my Windows Boot Driver.

4 .After I did this I bought the pass again and reinstalled ANA 2.0 and this is when the problem started. Everytime I opened my old FL studio projects where I used ANA 2.0 the plugin would open with the “A Beautiful Dread Lead” Preset even though I never used the preset.

5.So after that I then updated to 2.5

I hope sequencing the events rhis way can somehow bring forth a solution, cause its been a headache trying to open my old music :frowning: and I cant remember what presets I used.

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I also encountered the same problem, can not open the previous FL project (VST2)

There’s a couple of things that could have gone wrong and next to this, it’s hard to pinpoint a bug if we don’t know what version of ANA 2 was used to create those FL Projects and what version you’ve updated to.

A workaround would be to request a previous version of ANA 2 installer to Slate Digital support ( if you’re also using the Slate Digital version ) or to S.A support and install this on top of your current installation to see if this allows you to reopen your previous FL projects.

If you can reopen the projects, you can use the “Save as” feature within ANA 2 to ensure you’ll keep those presets in your User Presets folder.