Issue with preset

I reinstall kik 2 and after that I have no one of my presets can I recover that or not…
And why that happened

Hi there Donato,

  • Have you manually uninstalled KICK 2 before reinstalling or have you done an update on top of your current install ?

  • Are you missing all presets including the factory bank presets ( so not seeing any presets in KICK 2 ) or are you missing your User Presets and/or DLC ( Presets from Packs or 3rd Party ) presets ?

So an update on top of your existing install should not delete any presets, the factory presets would be updated but your User Presets and DLC Presets from Presets Packs won’t be overwritten or deleted.

  • If you can’t see any presets after an update, then it could be a corrupted preset in your User Presets folder causing this, or something wrong with the update installation.

You can reveal your User Presets folder from KICK 2 plugin GUI menu, if you are in that first scenario then close KICK 2 and your DAW and try to temporary MOVE your User Presets folder on your Desktop, then restart your DAW and launch KICK 2 and check if other presets are showing up.

If they are, then you will have to find out which preset(s) is/are causing this in your User Presets.

Now if you have manually uninstalled KICK 2 before reinstalling, this would delete all Presets : factory, DLC and User Presets are affected in this case scenario.

While Factory Presets would be reinstalled from the installer, you will need to manually reinstall your DLC Presets Packs ( or/and any Presets from 3rd party ) but your User Presets would have been deleted, and unless you can recover deleted files at Operating System level, this is not recoverable unfortunately.

You can check what Presets are installed at the following path :

Windows : C:\ProgramData\Sonic Academy\Kick 2\Presets

Mac : \Library\Application Support\Sonic Academy\Kick 2\Presets

When you have User Presets, it’s a good habit to make a backup copy in a different folder to avoid loosing them when manually reinstalling.

Just all my prestes are gone and the dlc as well

It was a long time with out actualize kik 2 I have a crash with my down and I reinstall mi kik2 but after that my preset folder was empty
Factory presets are there

I don’t do a back up of my presets I think I need to make a folder in a external drive to protect all my data

You will need to reinstall the KICK 2 Presets Packs you own to get back the DLC presets you’re missing.

Presets Packs you’ve purchased are available in your account : My Account / My Downloads /Presets

For User Presets, that won’t be recoverable I’m afraid, so yes, it’s useful to keep a separate Backup folder.

Ok thank you for your time

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