Issue with presets for Ana 2

I have some problems with the presets from one of James Dymonds courses.
Somehow they are not visible in my daw or if I use ana to upload them from the folder they are inn.
And the file type says:" PRESET FILE". It also opens in the wrong app I think.

Hi there @Vega2k

Which course from James Dymonds are you referring to ? Could help if needed to download the resources & check by my end :wink:

ANA 2 Presets have a .SnPr extension ( stands for “Sound Preset” ), try to copy those .SnPr files to your Sound Presets / User folder and then use ANA 2 browser to load them.

  • On MacOS the path for user presets is : /Library/Application Support/Sonic Academy/ANA 2/Presets/Sound Presets/User ( The main MacOS Library, not the “User” one ).

  • On Windows it’s : C:\ProgramData\Sonic Academy\ANA 2\Presets\Sound Presets/User

If another application seems to try to open them, it’s a wrong file association done on by your Operating System, that happens often & it’s not a problem anyway since those presets aren’t meant to be open outside ANA 2.

Hope this helps, cheers !


Its the course from - How to make uplifting trance with James Dymond from 2015 I think it is.

But my preset files that comes with this course is only Ana 2 presets. But these file all the suddenly says “PRESET-FILE”
and they open in FL Studio it say so when i click the preset file it will open FL studio only.

How do I convert the file “PRESET-FILE” to .SnPr File?
I wish I could post a pic to show you guys what I mean.

This problem is also from the ana preset file from the course from 2017, and thats only one lead but still. I would like to make it work.

I will try what you said but its not .SnPr file I m copying. It still says “PRESET-FILE”.
Oh yes I m using Microsoft pc.

Hi again @Vega2k

Your user trust level has been updated, you should now be able to upload on the forums. It’s just based on an algorithm by default, so if a user is not active & performing different tasks on the forums, the trust level won’t level up. That’s about that.

For the issue I will first check those tutorial resource to see what exactly we’re dealing with as for Presets.

Regarding the wrong File association, you can change this but it’s quite different between Win & Mac, what’s your OS please ?

But first, let’s check what exactly those files are, hope it’s the right tutorial though :wink:

OK, downloaded the resources .Zip file from the course, it’s this one BTW : Making Uplifting Trance with James Dymond in FL Studio | Tutorial 1 - Intro and Play Through

Now I think I understand the confusion : those Presets Files are for ANA 1.5, the prior version of ANA 2. It’s a complete different synth, ANA 2 was written from the ground up therefore ANA 1.5 & ANA 2 Presets are not compatible at all.

Those files with the .preset extension are in fact ANA 1.5 Presets, you can’t load them with ANA 2, nor converting them, the only way to get close is to try to recreate them in ANA 2 which is feasible because of the similar layout and core features.

Your post being about ANA 2, that confused me for a while, that’s why I asked for the tutorial reference in order to be able to check :wink:

So yep, since the tutorial was recorded before ANA 2 was released, those presets are indeed for the previous version, that explain why you can’t load them in ANA 2. Unfortunately ANA 1.5 is not available for sale anymore.

Good morning!

Aaah that makes sense! Thats why, but thanks alot for this. I guess I m on a mission now to re-creat them inn ana 2 :wink:

But then I m woundering if there is still more courses that have these problems? Like they contain files that ana cannot read?

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Hi again,

Yes, you might come across this issue again, either when following tutorials that were done before ANA 2 release ( 2017 if I’m not mistaking ) or if tutors were still using ANA 1.5.

Once you find a tutorial you’re interested into if you go to the “details” tab on the main tutorial page you can check the “Software” used in the tutorial, it might help. That said those list are based on human tags, the tagging system improved a lot already but it might be not up to date for every courses, for example this J.Dymond course is just mentioning “FL Studio”.

If you’re unsure browse to some videos, there’s quite a difference between ANA 1.5 & ANA 2 Gui and the older one wasn’t resizable.

Finally, if you plan to buy Presets Packs, be sure that they are the ones for ANA 2, some people are still making the mistake to buy ANA 1.5 Presets thinking they will work with ANA 2, it’s not the case :wink:

Hope this helps !