Issues calibrating the MSC1 Room Corrections kit

Hi everyone i purchased the JBL MSC1 .and i was not able to calibrate it in my room . i been dealing with this issue almost 3 months . and no success.

i tried everything from the troubleshooting guide. also checked the Audio devices from the control panel to be sure that i selected the right interface when calibrating.

I am using a M AUDIO Mobile Pre wich i kind of tried to use the direct monitoring to see if it works and still the calibration fails. pdf

also i am running this in Windows 7 32 bits.

any advice for me. i am sincerely frustrated with this hardware . and i am about to do the office space thingy with it . hehehehh

thanks in Advance

I got to the point i just gave up with this Piece of **** . sucks that JBL customer service is not friendly and useless. also the User guide is not detailed. I did every ***ing possible thing to calibrate with this **** . from changing drivers , replacing cards,to freaking moving to a different room.ETC.

it just dont work for some reason. <br>

lesson learned here !!!

**** YOU JBL !