Italo disco tutorial

italo disco tutorial, any else into italo disco? anoraak, the outrunners, sally shapiro, fear of tigers, futurecop etc?

sorta has a dream like feel to the sound with lots of arp’d bass and lots of pads

would be awesome to get a tutorial on this one as well. thanks :slight_smile:


Futurecop! - Transformers (Music Video) - YouTube


Anoraak - Nightdrive With You (Fear of Tigers Remix) - YouTube

fear of tigers:

- YouTube

I was so into Italo Disco back in the 80’s, glad the emphasis on hooks and melody is making a comeback instead of just being beat driven. I’m checking out the artists you have mentioned. Thanks for posting this. One producer that should be mentioned and very much responsible for reviving the “Italo Disco sound” is Lifelike . These three are my favorites.

Relation - Your Tiny Mind (Lifelike Remix)

Pate No.1 - Shining Star (Lifelike Remix)

Don’t Stop (Lifelike Remix) - Heartache


Yeah good sounds.

For me the master of that particular sound has to be Giorgio Moroder.

Anything from “I feel Love” to the Scarface stuff still sounds good to me.

Ah I was in need of some more lifelike remixes - cheers Frankiep.

haha of course! how could i not mention lifelike :smiley:

love the lifelike kelly remix:

italo disco is gay :wink:

Gorgio Moroder = Italo Disco !! Bleh

come on kids! hahah

[quote]alinenunez (1/14/2010)[hr]Gorgio Moroder = Italo Disco !! Bleh

come on kids! hahah[/quote]

Yeah a lot of people find it kind of hard to grasp that all music genres have roots and pioneeers.

Lifted from “Euroflash” the unofficial Italo Disco history.

“However, it was Giorgio’s “From Here To Eternity” album released in 1977 on OASIS label, with its less funky, but more electronic sound that inspired many future Italo Disco musicians. The entire “A” side of the album was presented as a mix (it was a staple of fashion and innovation at that time) for nonstop dancing. “From Here To Eternity” was reinterpreted several more times: first in 1983 by Mauro Farina and Hananas (Zanza Label) and later, in 1988 by Marcello Catalano - Colby “From here To Eternity” (Techology), only to prove again its undying inspirational power.”