Iter Porcorum | Orchestral House


I usually make some synthwave type of stuff, but this time I wanted to try and make an orchestral song, so I thought that House -type of a beat would be more suitable for this kind of a song.

I’m still kinda new in music production, so all types of feedback is welcome! (song structure, mixing etc.)

Thank you for your time and I hope you like the track :slight_smile:


Hi there

The song is quite original, not too much to say about the structure & arrangement. It works for me.

There’s a nice dynamic progression and instruments placement, so that keeps the listener interest.

About mixing and the beat behind all orchestral elements.

Everything orchestral is much in the front and louder than the rhythm & bass elements, which makes them to be burried in the background.

Kick and snare sound a bit “boxy” to me, bass seems to be conflicting with the kick as well.

Would suggest to re-balance the mix between orchestral elements and other parts and try to use other sounds for bass, kick & snare to see where it brings the track.

But nice work and creative & original track, like it :wink:

Hope this helps & keep it up !

Cheers :sunglasses:

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