It's a Boy :)

Little over a week a go my wife gave birth to a baby boy Mason, I am a very proud Daddy again and will hopefully post up a photo or two at some point.

He was a good size at 8lbs 15oz

Mum and baby both doing well know…

Peace and Love :slight_smile:

Congrats on the new baby mr fisher, Mason is a cool name man raising a pitcher for you as i type :slight_smile:

Congrats Jon!

Fair play - Hope y’all have great laughs together mate :slight_smile:

well done and congratulations :w00t: good to see you back :slight_smile:

Congratulations Jon :slight_smile:

Congrats Jon

congrats man! all the best 2 you and yours!

Congrats to you and your missus Jon! Really happy for you both and wish good health to your new little man and best wishes to you all.

Big up, at least we know you aint a batty boy.

[quote]lorddarthfader (07/03/2011)[hr]Big up, at least we know you aint a batty boy.[/quote]

it’s just a good cover story :wink:

Congratz Jon. :smiley: