Its all about the Feeling!

nowadays DAW have so many options to make Music. sometimes this options can clutter your mind about what sounds good. for example . we have a quantize option where it helps us simulate Groove or humanization of instruments and sounds,

why dont we just program with out it . i think we have Musical Sense enough to say that a loop sound like crap . you are Human, use your senses , feel the dam Beat.

after working in a collaboration with one of my friends , i ended up frustrated because he was focused too much on the quantize Grid, he even thought the Drum Loop sounds Groovy while in my perception, i noticed it was plain , lifeless. after just turning the Quantize Grid off, we just jammed it out . we made a Loop that both of us agreed , it sounded Great!!

If you think that your Drums sounds good as a whole ( not focusing in processing) . then you might be right , trust your ears . rest, and listen again . with out watching the screen just focusing in what you hear. rinse and repeat.

So… its a bit like having sex without a condom? :slight_smile:

[quote]ICN (19/11/2011)[hr]So… its a bit like having sex without a condom? :)[/quote]

lol i was actually thinking that when i wrote that . hah

haha - I was multitasking when I wrote that… :wink:

[quote]ICN (19/11/2011)[hr]haha - I was multitasking when I wrote that… ;)[/quote]

what were you doing , beating the monkey ? lol

A female monkey :smiley:

[quote]ICN (20/11/2011)[hr]A female monkey :D[/quote]

And thus aids was born

and spread… LOL

this thread has gone VIRAL