Its been exactly one year of music production!

Hey everyone, its my happy first anniversary with music today. Ive been producing for exactly 365 days as of today!

Though I am happy I have made it for a whole year with music (with no previous musical experience whatsoever) it has got me wondering what others sounded like after one year?

It just feels like after a year my music should sound a lot better than it is?

Anyways, would love to hear from others about how they felt after a year of producing?

About the same feelings mate. Happy that I’m producing tracks after no musical background whatsoever but still frustrated that they don’t sound anywhere near as good as I would like them too and still about a million miles away from the ‘pros’ I admire.

Congrats on one year. 

I’ve only been at it 6 mos.  I am definitely better than I was a couple of months ago, but still a long way to go.             

I get discouraged sometimes because I don’t know how to create what I want. But I have never thought about giving up. 

Hoping at a year I will look back and feel like I have accomplished a lot.


Definately get what you mean, those guys are beasts and some of them can pull out a track in 3 days sounding professional and everything. Its unbelievable what they can do but who knows, it might be just down the road for either of us! Even then, its always a pleasure producing even when it sounds sucky!


6 months was the awesome bit for me :stuck_out_tongue: Had no clue what I was doing but I was drewling over it anyway!

One thing I realised is that if you dont produce with something in mind (IE play with a simple idea, let it grow a bit and then take it in a direction) I tend to do better. I wouldnt worry all too much about producing something very specific, be random a bit every now and then and it slowly triggers into something cool with an idea which can be lead somewhere!

Do you have soundcloud or something? Even if it sounds rubbish you’d be surprised how helpful some of these guys on SA can be when it comes to feedback.

Outside of these forums I have had maybe watched a few tuts on Massive Synthesis to learn sound design and watched Jamie’s free Melody vid and that “Out of the Box” EQing tut on some DnB Website.

These guys are all I have needed to learn what I have learnt so far. Its always worth posting up stuff! The best forum ever (though it is getting quiter sadly :frowning: and most discussions tend to be banter now, used to be loads of useful music production related threads).

Really need to start posting shorter posts :stuck_out_tongue:

[quote]JayD3 (17/01/2012)[hr] But I have never thought about giving up.


you can’t give up. it’s to much fun! :w00t:

@Mistro      Yeah I spend a lot of time just experimenting with sounds and beats, which is fun. But i also need to work on completing whole tracks, or else I won’t get past just creating loops.  :w00t:              

I do have soundcloud.  Hope to have some stuff on there soon. 


@Willi    So True   :smiley:

I think its amazing what you guys are making from no experience in a year or less… very inspiring.

Thanks Phil!

I just love electronica, you dont need to know how to play any instruments or anything, so no past experiences doesnt matter (though it probably helps a load). I do wish I learnt to play an instrument at a younger age like the Piano but meh, whats done is done!

impressive stuff for one year man! congrats!!

damn that first year sucked for me, got nowhere, knew nothing, it all seemed impossible with endless amounts to learn! But after 2.5 years, i find i am now making and finishing tracks. While they are certainly not “pro” level yet, when i listen back to what i was creating 2.5 years ago, i get inspired in the realization that i have learnt so much, without realising it!

Thanks dorond!

Definately get what you mean about learning subconsciously. I just spent today listening to old Ableton Projects and god damn do some of them suck balls, its just horrible. My music may not be good but it in comparison to some of my older stuff its amazing!

Heard your two SC tracks, I think 2.5 years have payed off for ya dude! Sounding good, definately have unique elements going on!