Ive been busy :P

i been busy working on this track for ages, not sure if i have it right but these guys are want the best hopefully they will like this version, support and feedback most welcome :slight_smile:


Really enjoyed that mate. I listened to the original after you remix and found it a little too ‘experimental’ for my tastes. Yours, I prefer.

thanks dude, yeah i found it a tough one to remix, the stems were a bit too complex for me :stuck_out_tongue:

Good production.

Not really my style, but it seemed to fit for the genre you produced it in.

I’d say that’s a success.

All of a sudden I find myself in Mario World :smiley:

No, this sound decent. Not really my taste, but it just sounds good. Like the concept!

Enjoyed the ping pongy sounds, nice track!

Havent heard the original though.

Cool one man. Takes you to another world for sure haha.

haha cheers guys, i dont think they like it tho :stuck_out_tongue: no feedback as of yet from them, cold shoulder = fail lol