Jacksaw Bassline

I've been trying to get this wobble he does in this song. anyone know how i could come across making a sound similar to this one?


the wobble pretty much happens throughout the song but i marked it at 45 sec. because i think it is defined pretty well there.

C’mon people!! anyone know how to get this sound?!

I thought i would get an answer here for sure.

Sonic Academy is a sweet website/production forum after all. :cool:

get a Pulse add a filter sweep to it and stick it through some distortion.

Thanks Phil!!br
Yeah dude, for some reason I was almost certain i knew how to make it, but i just needed someone who knows how to do it and tell me so could get that confidence boost of making it so i know I’m doing it right. been doing that tho, and the results have been great ! :slight_smile: thanks!